Table of Contents








Main Recommendations


Chapter One: National Cohesion in Tough Times


Chapter Two: Judicious Use of Force

2.1 War Scenarios

2.2 Ground Maneuver and Decisive War: A Return to the Fundamentals


Chapter Three: Trouble in the North

3.1 Foiling Iran’s Nuclear Project

3.2 Insight into Iran

3.3 Iran’s Military Build-Up

3.4 Reducing the Iranian Threat from Syria

3.5 Strategic Dialogue with Russia

3.6 Iran’s Grip on Lebanon through Hizballah


Chapter Four: Jerusalem

4.1 The Strategic Importance of Jerusalem

4.2 Settling in Jerusalem: The Zionist Imperative

4.3 Confronting Foreign Elements that Subvert Israeli Sovereignty in Jerusalem


Chapter Five: The Palestinian Question

5.1 Managing the Conflict with the Palestinians

5.2 Trump’s “Deal of the Century”: Redefining the Possible

5.3 The Day After Abbas

5.4 Gaza: Carrying a Big Stick and Several Carrots Too


Chapter Six: Regional Realities and the Eastern Mediterranean

6.1 Prioritize Egypt and Jordan, While Seeking New Horizons in the Arab World

6.2 Exact a Price for Turkish Hostility

6.3 Promote a Common Agenda in the Eastern Mediterranean


Chapter Seven: The International Arena

7.1 Preserving Bipartisan US Support for Israel

7.2 American Jewry as a Strategic Asset

7.3 The European Arena

7.4 The Asian Continent

7.5 Africa and Latin America


Chapter Eight: Organizational Changes

8.1 Revitalizing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

8.2 Jerusalem-Based National Security Policy Planning