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Dr. Emmanuel Navon: Putin has the ability to rein in the Iranians.

The Media Line, 11.2.2018

By John T. Huddy


Experts say Iran is trying to provoke Israel, United States, threatening to throw region into conflict

Iran celebrated the 39th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution with a massive rally in Tehran’s Azadi (Freedom) Square, a day after Israel’s air force shot down an Iranian drone and an Israeli F-16 crashed amid Syrian anti-aircraft fire, drawing the countries closer to a potential conflict.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani did not mention Saturday’s incident, instead telling the crowd of several hundred thousand people, including those burning American and Israeli flags, that, “They (the U.S. and Israel) wanted to create tension in the region…they wanted to divide Iraq, Syria…. They wanted to create long-term chaos in Lebanon but…but with our help their policies failed.”

Rouhani warned that his country was ready to uphold security in the region and called on other countries to cooperate.

The question is which countries will cooperate with Iran?

Dr. Emmanuel Navon, an international relations professor and fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Security Studies told The Media Line that Iran has put its ally, Russia, and its President Vladimir Putin, into a “delicate position.”

“Putin’s actions will be critical. He does have the ability to rein in the Iranians,” Dr. Navon said. “I don’t think (Putin) wants to be dragged into a conflict.”


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