The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security

Prof. Efraim Inbar: Israel must understand the situation in Gaza will remain unchanged.

 Arutz Sheva, 08.06.2018


The president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, Professor Efraim Inbar, said on Thursday that Israel must understand that the situation in Gaza will remain unchanged for many years to come.

“Hamas’ goal is to murder Jews and to destroy the State of Israel. Sometimes they hold back and allow other organizations that operate in Gaza to do the job. They try to attract attention, maybe get some money, and so far it hasn’t gone too badly for them. I have to say that in the war in Gaza, in terms of public relations, our situation could be better,” he told Arutz Sheva in an interview.

“The world fails to understand that there aren’t peaceful residents on the other side of the border fence but rather terrorists who are trying to destroy the fence, trying to break in, trying to kidnap soldiers, trying to cause trouble and burning down fields,” added Inbar.

Asked whether he believes Israel is headed for an escalation in Gaza, he replied, “I’m unsure, because in general there’s a downward trend in the violence by Hamas. They used to fire rockets and now they send kites. We should remember that kites are not as dangerous as rockets. True, there was recent rocket fire and they stopped it. It could escalate but I don’t think Hamas is interested in that.”

Inbar also addressed the issue of who will take over as Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman after Mahmoud Abbas.

“No one lives forever and even the era of Abu Mazen will end some day. There will be another Abu after him, and then there will be others. We should have no expectations for a different reality in the Palestinian Authority, because they have not been able to do anything since the Oslo Accords. They understand that living in a reality in which there is a ‘state on the way’ is a good business for them and their families. They know how to exploit this reality to become rich, rule a little, and also cause trouble for the Jews,” he said.

Asked whether Israel is close to a confrontation with Iran, Prof. Inbar replied, “I think there is a war with the Iranians and Syria. The Iranians are trying to establish their hold on Syria and establish a Hezbollah state there. We are trying to change that reality, and the government understood that change is needed – that’s why it’s taking action.


Arutz Sheva, 08.06.2018