The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security

Some 77% of respondents believe ‎Israel must pursue hard-line policies to thwart Iran’s nuclear ‎ambitions, Jerusalem Institute for ‎Strategic Studies poll finds. It also finds 57% are ‎pleased with how PM Netanyahu ‎is handling the Iranian threat. ‎

Yori Yalon, Israel Hayom 18.10.2018


Some 91% of Israelis believe Israel should continue ‎to strike Iranian assets in Syria, a new poll ‎commissioned by the Jerusalem Institute for ‎Strategic Studies has found.‎

The poll, released on Tuesday, was conducted by the Maagar Mochot polling ‎and research institution and questioned ‎‎501 respondents. ‎

It found that 77% of Israelis believe that ‎Israel must pursue hard-line policies, including ‎military operations, to thwart Iran’s nuclear ‎ambitions. ‎

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they were ‎pleased with how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‎was dealing with the Iranian threat. ‎

Of those, 39% were not Likud voters. ‎

The poll also found that 38% of Israelis believe Iran ‎poses the biggest threat to Israel, followed by ‎Hamas (32%), the boycott, divestment and sanctions ‎movement (11%) and the Palestinian Authority (7%). ‎

The poll was conducted ahead of a JISS confernce on ‎the Israel-Iran conflict ‎next week (21.10).

‎”The survey overwhelmingly shows that the Israeli ‎public lends legitimacy to the government’s policy ‎on Iran,” said JISS President Professor Efraim Inbar. ‎

 Israel Hayom, 18.10.2018